Moldy wall covered by homeowner's insurance

Homeowners Insurance: Is Mold Covered?

Whether mold is covered by homeowners insurance often comes down to the source of moisture and the wording of a policy. Read

Man working in home workshop

Your Guide to VOCs

Understand which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are lurking in your house so you can reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals. Read

Mold remediation technician removing drywall from home

How to Eliminate Mold from Your Home

To eliminate mold, seek a credentialed professional who understands the inspection, sampling, and clean-up process. Read

Too much ventilation can introduce pollutants from outdoors

6 Tips for Reducing Your VOC Exposure

Simple, habit-forming strategies reduce your exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your home. Read

Woman adjusting thermostat in home

10 Ways to Prevent Costly Mold Damage to Your Home

Fixing mold damage can be one of the most expensive repairs you’ll ever perform on your home, so here’s how to prevent it. Read

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